Best places To work

Measure your employee satisfaction

The Best Places to Work survey assesses the quality of your employee experience to help cultivate a thriving workplace where both people and performance flourish.

Survey entries are closed for 2024.

Entries for 2025 will open from October 2024.

For more information, please contact us.

Assess your employee experience and pulse check into your organisation

The survey gives you employee insights

The results of the Survey gives you the key tools and proof points to take to the market to attract and sustain talent

Showcase and shout about why your workplace is an amazing place to work

See how you measure up against your peers

Discover how your employee experience stacks up against the market to shape your workforce and talent plans

Entering into the Survey makes you eligible to enter into the awards

Be part of elevating standards, celebrating success and honouring excellence in New Zealand's workplaces

Get recognised for workplace excellence

Stand amongst other top forward-thinking businesses by entering the Best Places to Work awards

Showcase and shout out about what an amazing place your company is to work for

Be celebrated and recognised as New Zealand's most outstanding employer with your team and customers

Build a workplace your employees truly love

Make data-informed decisions to improve workplace culture and boost overall productivity and retention

Showcase that you are one of New Zealand's pioneers in employee experience and culture

Empowering excellence in NZ's workplace culture

The Three Pillars of Success

Enter the Best Places to Work Survey

Enter the Survey for your organisation. We’ll be in touch with your Survey information pack and unique Survey link

Complete the Survey across your organisation

Share your unique link internally. The survey takes only 10 minutes to complete, and employees will have 14 days to submit their responses.

Assess your employee experience  

You'll receive a results dashboard link created by our expert TRA analyst partners, within four weeks after your survey is completed.

The programme and timeline

Once you enter into the Survey and have passed the benchmark level of the Best Place to Work criteria, we will be in contact to let you know you have been shortlisted

The judging criteria looks at:
The Survey which gives the feedback on employee engagement. The submissions will looks at customer engagement, company growth and performance

Employee Experience

For sustained belonging, wellbeing, growth and organisational success

Customer Experience

Delivering value to customers and driving customer advocacy and demand


For a thriving and successful culture and organisation

Crafted for the new world of work and the values of today’s workforce

How the Survey was developed

The questions have been designed around the eight pillars and the Survey measures this as part of the journey to creating the Best Place to Work in New Zealand

Trust in Leadership
Connection with Team
Performance & Growth
Tools & Tech
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Who can see my organisation’s results?

The Survey results will be private to your organisation. You will receive these results via an electronic dashboard. Only people you allocate in your company will be able to see the results. We recommend this be one person. The results will be anonymously included in our market report where you'll see how your results stack up against industry averages

How big does my organisation need to be to take part?

Any size of organisation can enter into the Survey and awards

How do you qualify for the Best Places to Work awards?

60% of your business must complete the Survey to be entered into the awards. We’ll contact you if your organisation is shortlisted for the Best Places to Work awards

Does the whole organisation need to take the survey?

We recommend that the whole organisation participates in the Survey to give the most accurate results. A minimum of 60% is required to be entered into the awards

What survey completion rate is needed to be included in the data?

60% completion rate is required to be included in the data

Do employee numbers include casual and contract workers?

No. Please just include full-time and part-time staff

How long will the Survey take to complete?

The Survey will take your employees under 10 minutes to complete. The Survey link will be live for your business for 14 days

What steps should I take after the Survey to implement positive changes in the workplace?

Following the Survey, you can attend our series of masterclasses running from July to September 2024 and hear from industry experts on creating a best place to work

When is my last chance to enter the Survey?

The last chance to enter the survey will be 30 April 2024. All entries must be completed by 17 May

Any more questions?

For any queries relating to the Survey, awards, masterclasses, speaker series roadshow or sponsorship, please contact

Survey Terms and Conditions

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